A Quick Note on Sportsmanship

Thu,  7-14-2022
By Jim Sweeder
As we enter the last two weeks of dual meet competition and begin our championship events, I want to encourage our officials (referees, judges, table workers, and announcers), coaches, team representatives, parents, and spectators to maintain the high standards of sportsmanship that the NVSL Standards of Conduct demand.  Just a few reminders . . .

* Many judgment calls made during the meet are “in the opinion of the referee.”  As such, they stand.  While other officials, coaches and spectators may disagree with a particular call (or non-call), the referee’s decision is final.  For team reps and coaches, referee judgment calls are not grounds for a protest.  We also don’t use any video replay in our decision criteria.

* When there is a question of a rule interpretation or application, the referee should attempt to resolve it in a timely manner, i.e., prior to the next dive, if possible.  Coaches, officials, and team reps can legitimately raise a rule application question during the meet, but should do so in a courteous, non-confrontational manner.  The team reps need to be involved in any of these discussions and the meet should not be unduly delayed.

* We are all human, have our own opinions, and can make mistakes.  Math errors, incorrect rule applications, wrong DDs, etc., can all be adjudicated.  But we also need to be role models for our divers in these interactions.

Finally, as the NVSL Handbook says, remember that we are all responsible for developing in our children,

A love for the sport, advanced aquatic skills, teamwork, and the principles of good sportsmanship.

Jim Sweeder

NVSL Dive, Chief Official