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  • COVID-19

    Fri, 3-20-2020 | Nancy Jessen

    While all of us navigate life under the threat of the COVID-19 virus, our League has received a number of inquiries about the upcoming NVSL swim and dive season.   We kindly request that you allow us time to make an informed determination as we explore various scenarios, which may result in a cancelled season, an abbreviated season, a delayed season or a full season as scheduled.

    We are closely monitoring everything that we can, including federal, state and local government guidance and prohibitions, other swim leagues and organization guidance, local and non-local, and our member pool decisions. We have always stressed safety in the NVSL, and our priority will continue to be the health and safety of those involved in our community.

    We wish you the very best and hope that you and your loved ones remain healthy.

    - The NVSL Executive Board

  • Fall Team Rep Meeting

    Tue, 10-29-2019 | Lynn Clark

    This is a reminder that we have our fall meeting coming up on Sunday 11/17 from 2-4pm at the Arlington Central Library Donnellan Auditorium.  There will be A LOT of important information distributed at this meeting, so please plan to be there or send someone from your team.  We will be selecting Division Coordinators and venues for Divisional Championships, announcing seeding info, and distributing meet schedules, proposed rule changes, survey results, and the 2019 “Dive by the Numbers” report. We will also be voting on whether to bring a professional photographer back to the All-Star meet, as we had done until a few years ago.

    The meet materials packet is up and can be found here.  It includes the agenda and all the docs you’ll want to download and read before the meeting.

  • 2019 Season by the numbers

    Wed, 10-23-2019 | Thomas Joyce

    We are pleased to present this year's "By The Numbers" report, which provides an interesting look at the numbers behind the season we just completed.

    You can find it here: https://dive.mynvsl.com/file/31350/NVSL_Dive___by_the_numbers_2019_pdf 

  • All Star Timeline and Info

    Fri, 8-2-2019 | Lynn Clark

    The estimated timeline is now available here. Please tell your dive families to come at least 30 min before their scheduled warm-up. 

    The All Star program can be downloaded here. There will be no printed copies available onsite at the meet.

    You can follow the meet's progress by following @NVSLDive on Twitter.

    Seating will be limited, so please bring chairs.

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