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  • Getting ready for 2021

    Wed, 4-7-2021 | Lynn Clark

    NVSL Dive is gearing up to return to competition this summer. We are very hopeful that we will be able to have a full, safe, and enjoyable season. We have invited our 2020 graduated seniors to come back and dive this summer, and several have accepted the invitation. We look forward to giving them a proper senior send-off, along with our 2021 graduates!

    We are keeping up to date on Covid-19 guidance and may need to modify our usual meet logistics somewhat to allow for social distancing and pool capacity limits, but with a little creativity and flexibility, we can do this. It's great to see so many adults getting vaccinated, and this will really help the volunteer situation on the pool deck. We have posted suggested Covid-19 protocols to help your pool clubs and teams plan for the season. Every club and team is different, and the pandemic situation is fluid, so please take these as suggestions only.

    Team reps, please mark your calendars for the May 23 virtual team rep meeting at 4pm and the distribution of your meet materials at Arlington Forest on June 6 from 8am to noon. There will also be judging and table work clinics that morning, offered both in person and virtually. More info to come.


  • Free diving judge course

    Fri, 6-5-2020 | Jim Sweeder

    NVSL Dive Reps, Referees, and Judges:

    As the Chief Diving Official for the NVSL, I have received a notification of a free diving judge course for prospective/existing judges.  A FREE course is available from the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) for diving judges.  PLEASE NOTE that the diving rules are not exactly the same as our NVSL rule, but the judging criteria is the same.

    I’m forwarding the link below to you to take advantage of the courses offered FREE by NFHS.  One of the courses is “Officiating Swimming and Diving” – don’t worry, there is a separate Diving only section.  While it includes preliminary “how to officiate” stuff and a review of the High School Rules, it has a very valuable section on practice judging.  There are 30 different dives shown and you get to judge each; NFHS does a good job of explaining the rationale for each “score” (they actually use the scoring descriptors – satisfactory, deficient, good, etc.).  So, if you want to improve/test your dive judging abilities, I’d recommend you take a look at this course.  It’s free until July 1.  Click the link in the blue box below and register with NFHS; then find the diving course under the COURSES tab under “Officiating Swimming and Diving.”

    This course can be found at https://nfhslearn.com/courses/officiating-swimming-and-diving

    Hope you are all safe.  Hope also to see you at the pools next season.


    Jim Sweeder

    Chief Dive Official

  • Important Season Update

    Sun, 5-24-2020 | Lynn Clark

    Both NVSL Swim and Dive have decided to cancel the 2020 season due to the pandemic. Safety is our utmost concern, and there is too much uncertainty surrounding the pandemic for us to be able to plan a season that would be safe and enjoyable for the NVSL families. Dues that have been collected for 2020 will be applied to 2021, and there will be no assessment at all for 2020.


    For team reps, answers to frequently asked questions on the season cancellation can be found here: https://dive.mynvsl.com/file/31537/2020___Diving_Season_FAQ_pdf


    For 2020 graduating high school seniors, the NVSL scholarship application, due 6/26, can be found here: https://dive.mynvsl.com/documents?folder_id=26937

    We look forward to returning in 2021. Stay safe!

  • COVID-19

    Fri, 3-20-2020 | Nancy Jessen

    While all of us navigate life under the threat of the COVID-19 virus, our League has received a number of inquiries about the upcoming NVSL swim and dive season.   We kindly request that you allow us time to make an informed determination as we explore various scenarios, which may result in a cancelled season, an abbreviated season, a delayed season or a full season as scheduled.

    We are closely monitoring everything that we can, including federal, state and local government guidance and prohibitions, other swim leagues and organization guidance, local and non-local, and our member pool decisions. We have always stressed safety in the NVSL, and our priority will continue to be the health and safety of those involved in our community.

    We wish you the very best and hope that you and your loved ones remain healthy.

    - The NVSL Executive Board

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