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  • Week 4 Scoreboard

    Tue, 7-17-2018 | Thomas Joyce

    Week 4 is here already, let's hope the weather cooperates as we head into the home stretch.

    Week 4 Scoreboard - July 17

    The results from the previous weeks can be found here:

    Week 1 - June 26
    Week 2 - July 3
    Week 3 - July 10

  • Wally Martin Results

    Sun, 7-15-2018 | Thomas Joyce

    What an amazing turnout for Wally Martin this year! We had 104 3 Meter competitors and 47 Synchro teams!

    See the links below for today's results:

    3 Meter Event

    1M Synchro Event

  • Wally Martin Update

    Sat, 7-14-2018 | Lynn Clark

    I know many of you have been waiting for the official estimated timeline for tomorrow.  At long last, here it is.

    Wally Martin Timeline

    Please advise your divers to be at Oak Marr at least a half hour before their warm-up starts, so they have time to register and make any needed changes to their sheets.  We will try to have the NVSL Dive twitter updated periodically so that you all can follow the progress of the meet.  This timeline is only an estimate, and things may move slower or faster.

    I am aware that there were problems with Junior 3M online dive sheets.  Unfortunately, I didn’t find out until 20 minutes before registration closed that the software was not allowing jumps and entries per our new rules.  I was assured these changes had been made, but they were not.  I apologize for the frustration.  It's now fixed, so we’ll be able to take changes at check-in tomorrow.  If you would like to email me your changes today, I’ll try to get as many of them in as possible.  Please emphasize to your divers that they really do need to check the dives that are entered for them when they check in on deck. 

    Hospitality at this event will be provided for officials only, since they will be there all day, and we have limited funds for refreshments. So please make sure your coaches know to bring food or make other arrangements to eat.  Oak Marr does have a smoothie bar upstairs, which I am told will be open starting at 9 a.m. 

    Good luck to all your divers, especially those trying these events for the first time! 

    See you tomorrow

  • Week 3 Scoreboard

    Mon, 7-9-2018 | Thomas Joyce

    The week 3 scoreboard is up. Good luck to all.

    Week 3 Scoreboard - July 10

    The results from the previous weeks can be found here:

    Week 1 - June 26
    Week 2 - July 3

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