• 2022 NVSL Dive by the Numbers

    Sun, 8-28-2022 | Jim Sweeder

    Below is the link to the summary of the 2022 NVSL Dive Season -- "NVSL Dive - by the numbers 2022".  Please forward to your team parents, volunteers, and supporters of NVSL Dive.  We have had a record number of divers registered this past season and our championship meets were extremely successful.  I hope this data compilation will provide the basis for even more expansion and support for the sport of diving within our communities.  Thank you all for your valuable input and continued support of NVSL Dive!


    Jim Sweeder

    Chair, NVSL Dive Seeding Committee & Chief Official

  • 2022 All Stars Info

    Sat, 7-30-2022 | Thomas Joyce

    Well, the day has finally arrived. We celebrate the end of this wonderful season with the All Star Meet.

    Good luck to all the divers. Show us all your best!

    For all the information you need use these links below:

    All Stars Program
    All Stars Results

  • Divisionals Results

    Fri, 7-22-2022 | Thomas Joyce

    It's divisionals week, and you can track all the action at the link here:


    Good luck everyone!

    Week 5https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hLIAxG3Uat5wZJ2H3QpRTsZ67yCSLL582o-ftl6psZs/edit#gid=182755240 
    Week 4https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YBYpin5rQZU1hsBnQm4f47FU7H7atCAkT9CWFj2P8tI/edit#gid=182755240 
    Week 3https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CtPddCJovvlnTDcGXLtkdkR89Qd_Es3Z2Q4gGmKJ2yM/edit#gid=182755240 
    Week 2https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15_4Fi1EhJmX4Coh3IqRIZBjGwVSdXTk80Gb4yklJULo/edit#gid=182755240 
    Week 1https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FBbXWIbaeuBpfI1qrC8cy16cl0nDxB5vgpQkcSoQyxg/edit#gid=182755240 

    Wally Martin 3Mhttps://secure.meetcontrol.com/divemeets/system/eventresultsext.php?meetnum=7993&eventnum=all 
    Wally Martin Synchrohttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UZwZ9Q-We8gHIakJcfSRVW3YnLgEqUaDJzCYpFWxFpE/edit#gid=1000961302
    Cracker Jackhttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16JDQRH45nuemqHukIWAWn0v6RZF41GkERXrWtiizEq0/edit#gid=1000961302

  • 2022 Scholarship Winners Announced

    Fri, 7-15-2022 | Nancy Steffen

    I am happy to announce that we have two divers receiving the 2022 NVSL Scholarships this year: 

    2022 President's Award Winner Micaela Wells

    Micaela Wells from Camelot receives the President's Award 

    2022 Spirit Award Winner Grace Martin

    Grace Martin from Sleepy Hollow receives the Spirit Award. 

    The applications were outstanding, and we wish we had more scholarship awards to give.  You can read more about it here

    Nancy Steffen

    NVSL Scholarship Committee

  • A Quick Note on Sportsmanship

    Thu, 7-14-2022 | Jim Sweeder

    As we enter the last two weeks of dual meet competition and begin our championship events, I want to encourage our officials (referees, judges, table workers, and announcers), coaches, team representatives, parents, and spectators to maintain the high standards of sportsmanship that the NVSL Standards of Conduct demand.  Just a few reminders . . .

    * Many judgment calls made during the meet are “in the opinion of the referee.”  As such, they stand.  While other officials, coaches and spectators may disagree with a particular call (or non-call), the referee’s decision is final.  For team reps and coaches, referee judgment calls are not grounds for a protest.  We also don’t use any video replay in our decision criteria.

    * When there is a question of a rule interpretation or application, the referee should attempt to resolve it in a timely manner, i.e., prior to the next dive, if possible.  Coaches, officials, and team reps can legitimately raise a rule application question during the meet, but should do so in a courteous, non-confrontational manner.  The team reps need to be involved in any of these discussions and the meet should not be unduly delayed.

    * We are all human, have our own opinions, and can make mistakes.  Math errors, incorrect rule applications, wrong DDs, etc., can all be adjudicated.  But we also need to be role models for our divers in these interactions.

    Finally, as the NVSL Handbook says, remember that we are all responsible for developing in our children,

    A love for the sport, advanced aquatic skills, teamwork, and the principles of good sportsmanship.

    Jim Sweeder

    NVSL Dive, Chief Official

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  • NISCA All American Divers

    Fri, 6-24-2022 | Stacey Brooks

    The following divers earned All-America status from the National Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association for the 2021-2022 season.  Only 100 boys and 100 girls are selected nationwide as High School All America Divers, and Northern Virginia had 16 of them.  Congratulations!

    2021 - 2022 NISCA Boys One Meter Diving All America

    First Name Last Name Grade School Name           School City State
    Matthew Bray 11 Chantilly High School Chantilly VA
    Spencer Bloom 12 Flint Hill School Oakton VA
    Spencer Dearman 12 Oakton High School Vienna VA
    Sam Flory 12 Robinson Secondary School Fairfax VA
    Finnian Gelbach 11 The Heights School Potomac MD
    Nathaniel Grannis 9 Woodson High School Fairfax VA
    Liam Miller 10 Lake Braddock Secondary  School Burke VA
    Matteo Vasiliadis 10 Langley High School McLean VA
    Nicholas Wanzer 9 McLean High School McLean VA

    2021 - 2022 NISCA Girls One Meter Diving All America

    First Name Last Name Grade School Name           School City State
    Jocelyn Brooks 10 McLean High School McLean VA
    Maggie Di Scipio 12 Falls Church High School Falls Church VA
    Michayla Eisenberg 10 Flint Hill School Oakton VA
    Ellie Joyce 11 Washington-Liberty High School Arlington VA
    Elisabeth Rockefeller 11 Lake Braddock High School Burke VA
    Amanda Stalfort 11 Westfield High School Chantilly VA
    Claire Vroom 12 Langley High School McLean VA


  • Certified Referee List is posted

    Mon, 6-13-2022 | Thomas Joyce

    The updated list of certified referees for the 2022 season can be found here and in the documents area under "Dive Officials Information".

    As a reminder, the home team must ensure a certified referee is available at their meet.

  • Note to new judges in the NVSL

    Mon, 6-13-2022 | Jim Sweeder

    As the NVSL Dive Chief Official, I wanted to offer you some insight and advice.  Last year we had 2334 divers in NVSL – that’s the most since I’ve been keeping records from 1998.  Let’s give each of these divers the opportunity to compete equitably.  NVSL has a great reputation for judging “according to the standards of diving.”  As new judges, each of you are now charged with maintaining that reputation of excellence.

    We are ready to begin the 2022 NVSL Dive season and you have (I hope) joined us at one of the Judging Clinics.  For first time judges, you will have the best seat at the pool; here are a few hints at your first time in the “seat.” 

    Read More

  • All Star Results

    Sat, 7-31-2021 | Thomas Joyce

    Our final meet of the year has arrived. Below is the URL for the results, which should be posted by the end of the day.


    Good luck to all the divers and we'll see you all next year! Have a great rest of your summer!


  • Divisionals Results

    Sat, 7-24-2021 | Thomas Joyce

    The link to the Divisonals results is here. Each division will upload their results at different times, some during the meet and some later in the afternoon. If you don't see results for your division, please be patient.


    Good luck to all!

  • Week 5 Scoreboard

    Wed, 7-21-2021 | Thomas Joyce

    Week 5 Results are here:


  • Cracker Jack Info/Results

    Sat, 7-17-2021 | Thomas Joyce

    The annual Cracker Jack meet is on Sunday the 18th, and this year's meet is shaping up to be the biggest in recent memory.

    Track all the results as they come in at this link:

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19YaQ7AHI3uiSIbuW9jIoYWxjq27t2R0Ox680ZkhRKMU/edit#gid=1000961302For the latest details on meet operations, please see the following folder for important information

    https://dive.mynvsl.com/documents?folder_id=34883There you will find:

    Meet Schedule
    Parking Maps
    Traffic Flow Maps
    Volunteer Schedule
    Judging Panels Schedule

    Please follow @nvsldive on twitter for the latest on schedule updates (should we run ahead or behind)

  • Wally Martin Results

    Sun, 7-11-2021 | Thomas Joyce

    There was some fantastic diving today in Oakton at the annual Wally Martin 3M event. Checkout all the final results here:


  • Week 3 Scoreboard

    Sun, 7-4-2021 | Thomas Joyce

    Use this link to watch the scores for Week 3 (7/6) as they come in.


    Previous results:

    Week 1 - 6/22

    Week 2 - 6/29

  • 2021 Handbook

    Sat, 7-3-2021 | Thomas Joyce

    In case you missed it, the handbook is available online only this year. The link can be found on the upper-left hand corner of this site just below the large NVSL logo. Here's another link to it, for your convenience. https://mynvsl.com/file/34809/2021_NVSL_HANDBOOK___DIVE_SECTIONS_pdf

    Please discontinue using the previous seasons' handbooks, as are they are outdated. The diving rules section itself is a mere 14 pages when printed.

  • A Note from the Chief Dive Official

    Thu, 6-17-2021 | Jim Sweeder

    To all of our new and returning NVSL Dive judges:

    We’ve completed two Judge Clinics and have one more on Wednesday, June 23rd at Camelot.  Thanks to all who attended and please encourage other dive parents to attend the next one, particularly in-person if possible, to get the most out of the judging instruction and practice.

    There are a few reminders I’d like to pass on to you as you begin the 2021 NVSL Dive season:

    Remember the four keys to judging:

    1. Bold, forceful, controlled approach, one-foot hurdle, two-foot takeoff
    2. Verticality in takeoff (up, not out)
    3. Tight and defined body positions (straight, pike, tuck, or free) for dives, somersaults, and/or twists
    4. Nearly vertical entry which is “finished” prior to hitting the water

    Decide where the dive falls using the criteria for the scoring range (Failed, Unsatisfactory, Deficient, Satisfactory, Good, Very Good, Exceptional).  Then assign a score that best describes the skills (or lack thereof) demonstrated.

    If you want to get a bit more practice, I would suggest you view the following link from the National Federation of High Schools to see various dives with suggested scoring.  The site is:  one-meter-diving-table-with-video-clips.pdf (nfhs.org).  You will note that there is a range of scores given, since this is an aesthetic and judgmental sport.  Also, one note of caution – there is an error -- the 105B is the same video as the 105C, but with a different scoring range.  Evidently, they uploaded the wrong dive, but added the new scoring range for a dive you cannot see.  So, in our rules, the referee would declare the dive out of position and instruct the judges to score a max of 2 for the dive.  All of the other dives appear ok.

    Remember, your job is to judge the quality of the dive, not the difficulty.  You have the best seats in the pool.  Have fun and keep focused.  See you on deck and enjoy the diving.

    Jim Sweeder

    Chief Diving Official

  • Olympic Trial Results

    Mon, 6-14-2021 | Thomas Joyce

    Congratulations to all the former NVSL divers who competed and earned positions in the Olympic Trials in 2021!   We are all proud of your accomplishments!

    Let’s congratulate the NVSL Divers who competed in the Olympic Trials in 2021

    Women’s Individual Platform
    1. Delaney Schnell — 1021.9
    2. Katrina Young — 984.7
    3. Murphy Bromberg — 981.75
    4. Jessica Parratto — 973.75
    5. Abigail Knapton — 930.3
    6. Amy Cozad Magaña — 922.2
    7. Janie Boyle — 865.9
    8. Daryn Wright — 826.4
    9. Olivia Rosendahl — 823.6
    10. Laura Wilkinson — 804.3
    11. Maggie Merriman — 783
    12. Madison Huitt — 738.6

    Men’s Individual Springboard
    1. Tyler Downs — 1333.75
    2. Andrew Capobianco — 1319.4
    3. David Boudia — 1314.95
    4. Michael Hixon — 1309.65
    5. Briadam Herrera — 1309.55
    6. Grayson Campbell — 1206.3
    7. Quentin Henninger — 1142.2
    8. Jacob Fielding — 1138.65
    9. Noah Duperre — 1093.1
    10. Jake Butler — 1075.05
    11. Evan Moretti — 1063.9
    12. Noah Vigran — 1063.45

    Men’s Individual Platform
    1. Brandon Loschiavo — 1421
    2. Jordan Windle — 1401.4
    3.  David Dinsmore — 1278.5
    4. Joshua Hedberg — 1235.7
    5. Tyler Downs — 1207.3
    6. Jacob Siler — 1144.8
    7. Zach Cooper — 1141.85
    8. Jordan Rzepka — 1127.4
    9. Maxwell Flory — 1113.1
    10. Carson Tyler — 1094.65
    11. Chase Lane — 1085.5
    12. Benjamin Bramley — 1066

    Women’s Individual Springboard
    1. Krysta Palmer — 1011.95
    2. Hailey Hernandez — 926.55
    3. Sarah Bacon — 912.10
    4. Kristen Hayden — 908.85
    5. Alison Gibson — 903.4
    6. Brooke Schultz — 836.5
    7. Abigail Knapton — 809.1
    8. Anne Fowler — 808.75
    9. Margo O’Meara — 802
    10. Bridget O’Neil — 784.25
    11. Samantha Pickens — 774.3
    12. Kelly Straub — 767.4

    Men’s Synchronized Springboard
    1. Andrew Capobianco/Michael Hixon — 1289.37
    2. Gregory Duncan/Grayson Campbell — 1168.80
    3. Carson Tyler/Maxwell Miller — 1051.68
    4. Jack Ryan/Quentin Henninger — 1028.19

    Women’s Synchronized Platform
    1. Delaney Schnell/Jessica Parratto — 930
    2. Katrina Young/Murphy Bromberg — 888.94

    Women’s Synchronized Springboard
    1. Alison Gibson/Krysta Palmer — 899.82
    2. Sarah Bacon/Kassidy Cook — 871.50
    3. Samantha Pickens/Carolina Sculti — 804.18
    4. Hailey Hernandez/Emily Grund — 784.56
    5. Kristen Hayden/Margo O’Meara — 764.10
    6. Daria Lenz/Charlye Campbell — 746.76
    7. Kaylee Bishop/Avery Worobel — 702.90

  • NVSL at the Olympic Trials

    Sun, 6-6-2021 | Thomas Joyce

    Good luck to the following NVSL alums competing for a spot on the US Olympic team. The Olympic trials start today and run through June 13 in Indianapolis. Some of the events will be broadcast/streamed on NBCSports network and/or the Olympic channel. See the link to those listings below.

    Grayson Campbell (Vienna Woods)
    Conor Casey (Truro)
    Greg Duncan (Dunn Loring)
    Sam Duncan (Dunn Loring)
    Max Flory (Sideburn Run)
    Anne Fowler (Walden Glen)

    Good luck to everyone!

    Link to broadcast/stream schedule 

  • Getting ready for 2021

    Wed, 4-7-2021 | Lynn Clark

    NVSL Dive is gearing up to return to competition this summer. We are very hopeful that we will be able to have a full, safe, and enjoyable season. We have invited our 2020 graduated seniors to come back and dive this summer, and several have accepted the invitation. We look forward to giving them a proper senior send-off, along with our 2021 graduates!

    We are keeping up to date on Covid-19 guidance and may need to modify our usual meet logistics somewhat to allow for social distancing and pool capacity limits, but with a little creativity and flexibility, we can do this. It's great to see so many adults getting vaccinated, and this will really help the volunteer situation on the pool deck. We have posted suggested Covid-19 protocols to help your pool clubs and teams plan for the season. Every club and team is different, and the pandemic situation is fluid, so please take these as suggestions only.

    Team reps, please mark your calendars for the May 23 virtual team rep meeting at 4pm and the distribution of your meet materials at Arlington Forest on June 6 from 8am to noon. There will also be judging and table work clinics that morning, offered both in person and virtually. More info to come.


  • Free diving judge course

    Fri, 6-5-2020 | Jim Sweeder

    NVSL Dive Reps, Referees, and Judges:

    As the Chief Diving Official for the NVSL, I have received a notification of a free diving judge course for prospective/existing judges.  A FREE course is available from the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) for diving judges.  PLEASE NOTE that the diving rules are not exactly the same as our NVSL rule, but the judging criteria is the same.

    I’m forwarding the link below to you to take advantage of the courses offered FREE by NFHS.  One of the courses is “Officiating Swimming and Diving” – don’t worry, there is a separate Diving only section.  While it includes preliminary “how to officiate” stuff and a review of the High School Rules, it has a very valuable section on practice judging.  There are 30 different dives shown and you get to judge each; NFHS does a good job of explaining the rationale for each “score” (they actually use the scoring descriptors – satisfactory, deficient, good, etc.).  So, if you want to improve/test your dive judging abilities, I’d recommend you take a look at this course.  It’s free until July 1.  Click the link in the blue box below and register with NFHS; then find the diving course under the COURSES tab under “Officiating Swimming and Diving.”

    This course can be found at https://nfhslearn.com/courses/officiating-swimming-and-diving

    Hope you are all safe.  Hope also to see you at the pools next season.


    Jim Sweeder

    Chief Dive Official

  • Important Season Update

    Sun, 5-24-2020 | Lynn Clark

    Both NVSL Swim and Dive have decided to cancel the 2020 season due to the pandemic. Safety is our utmost concern, and there is too much uncertainty surrounding the pandemic for us to be able to plan a season that would be safe and enjoyable for the NVSL families. Dues that have been collected for 2020 will be applied to 2021, and there will be no assessment at all for 2020.


    For team reps, answers to frequently asked questions on the season cancellation can be found here: https://dive.mynvsl.com/file/31537/2020___Diving_Season_FAQ_pdf


    For 2020 graduating high school seniors, the NVSL scholarship application, due 6/26, can be found here: https://dive.mynvsl.com/documents?folder_id=26937

    We look forward to returning in 2021. Stay safe!

  • COVID-19

    Fri, 3-20-2020 | Nancy Jessen

    While all of us navigate life under the threat of the COVID-19 virus, our League has received a number of inquiries about the upcoming NVSL swim and dive season.   We kindly request that you allow us time to make an informed determination as we explore various scenarios, which may result in a cancelled season, an abbreviated season, a delayed season or a full season as scheduled.

    We are closely monitoring everything that we can, including federal, state and local government guidance and prohibitions, other swim leagues and organization guidance, local and non-local, and our member pool decisions. We have always stressed safety in the NVSL, and our priority will continue to be the health and safety of those involved in our community.

    We wish you the very best and hope that you and your loved ones remain healthy.

    - The NVSL Executive Board

  • Fall Team Rep Meeting

    Tue, 10-29-2019 | Lynn Clark

    This is a reminder that we have our fall meeting coming up on Sunday 11/17 from 2-4pm at the Arlington Central Library Donnellan Auditorium.  There will be A LOT of important information distributed at this meeting, so please plan to be there or send someone from your team.  We will be selecting Division Coordinators and venues for Divisional Championships, announcing seeding info, and distributing meet schedules, proposed rule changes, survey results, and the 2019 “Dive by the Numbers” report. We will also be voting on whether to bring a professional photographer back to the All-Star meet, as we had done until a few years ago.

    The meet materials packet is up and can be found here.  It includes the agenda and all the docs you’ll want to download and read before the meeting.

  • 2019 Season by the numbers

    Wed, 10-23-2019 | Thomas Joyce

    We are pleased to present this year's "By The Numbers" report, which provides an interesting look at the numbers behind the season we just completed.

    You can find it here: https://dive.mynvsl.com/file/31350/NVSL_Dive___by_the_numbers_2019_pdf 

  • All Star Timeline and Info

    Fri, 8-2-2019 | Lynn Clark

    The estimated timeline is now available here. Please tell your dive families to come at least 30 min before their scheduled warm-up. 

    The All Star program can be downloaded here. There will be no printed copies available onsite at the meet.

    You can follow the meet's progress by following @NVSLDive on Twitter.

    Seating will be limited, so please bring chairs.

  • Good Luck to Nationals Participants

    Thu, 8-1-2019 | Thomas Joyce

    Good luck to all the NVSL Divers participating in the USA Diving Junior Nationals in Knoxville!

    Spencer Bloom Dunn Loring
    Manuel Borowski Tuckahoe
    Sophia Borowski Tuckahoe
    Matthew Bray Greenbriar
    Jocelyn Brooks Kent Gardens
    Marleigh Dasilva Vienna Woods
    Sam Duncan Dunn Loring
    Michayla Eisenberg Overlee
    Jacob Fisher Mansion House
    Sam Flory Sideburn Run
    Anne Fowler Walden Glen
    Finn Gelbach Hunt Valley
    Nathaniel Grannis Wakefield Chapel
    Ellie Joyce Dominion Hills
    Liam Miller Old Keene Mill
    Max Powell Crosspointe
    Nick Shivik Sideburn Run
    Amanda Stalfort Sideburn Run
    Aidan Thomas Wakefield Chapel
    Evan Vink Parliament
    Claire Vroom Great Falls
    Nick Wanzer Vienna Woods
    Noah Wanzer Vienna Woods

  • 2019 NVSL Scholarship Recipients

    Wed, 7-31-2019 | Thomas Joyce

    Each year the NVSL awards scholarships to graduating high school swimmers/divers to be used at the school of their choice to help defray a portion of their continuing education expenses. The league considers team commitment and leadership, school and community involvement, and a submitted essay as criteria for selection. The essay asks these stand out senior members of our community, "what life lessons swimming/diving in the NVSL taught me?" 

    Our five scholarship recipients were announced this past week at NVSL All Star Relays--this year, we are pleased to announce the following recipients:

    Presidents’ Scholarship Troy Young

    Troy is a 13 year member of the of the Ravensworth Farm swim team and a 12 year member of their dive team. He competed in NVSL All Stars in both swimming and diving, receiving High-Point awards and serving as a swim coach and as a co-head dive coach. Troy attended Lake Braddock Secondary School, where he was on the swim and dive and soccer teams. He was selected as captain of both teams. He was a member of the Bruin Minds Matter club, DECA, and participated in the state level science fair. Troy organized a swim-a-thon fundraiser benefiting the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Troy will be attending Catholic University of America in the fall, studying Biomedical Engineering on the Pre-med track.

    Read More

  • Season Scoreboard links

    Tue, 7-23-2019 | Thomas Joyce

    Links to each week's results can be found here

    Week 1 Results
    Week 2 Results
    Week 3 Results
    Week 4 Results
    Week 5 Results
    Wally Martin 3 Meter

    Wally Martin 1 Meter Synchro
    Cracker Jack Results
    Divisionals Results

  • Championship Meet Season is here!

    Mon, 7-8-2019 | Thomas Joyce

    It feels like the season just started (and some teams still have only completed one meet), but this weekend begins the four-week championship season. On each consecutive Sunday, beginning on July 14, we have...

    Wally Martin Memorial Meet, featuring the 3 Meter individual competition and the 1 Meter Synchro competition.
    Cracker Jack Meet, the large meet experience with modified rule sets for developing divers of all ages.
    Division Championship Meets, (a.k.a "Divisionals") the meets where individual division champions are crowned and where divers qualify for...
    All Stars, the final event of the season.

    Information on Wally Martin, Cracker Jack and All Stars can be found on this website in the document library under the "NVSL Dive Meet Championship Information" folder. Please read this information carfully as it contains the latest information on elegibility, registration and rules for those meets. Wally Martin and Cracker Jack, in particular, follow different requirements and rule sets than the regular Tuesday night meets. The 3 Meter event and All Stars require registration on divemeets.com.  

    If you have any questions about any of those meets, contact info can be found in the documents referenced here.

    The Division Championship meets are managed by each of the eight division coordinators. They will work directly with the team reps on those meets.

  • Two Important Updates

    Fri, 6-21-2019 | Mike Schaeffer

    Two important updates as we head into the first week of meets.

    1. The certified list of referees has been updated and posted to the documents section of the website under "Officials Information". Only NVSL certified referees on this list may referee a meet. https://dive.mynvsl.com/file/31195/2019___Certified_Referee_List_pdf

    2. Information has been posted about the coaching clinic hosted by Alexandria Dive Club on Sunday, June 30. Please read this flier for more information.

  • June Rep meeting and Clinics Sunday

    Sat, 6-8-2019 | Lynn Clark

    We’ll be kicking off the 2019 season this Sunday at 8:30am at Arlington Forest Pool, located at 5401 N. Carlin Springs Rd. in Arlington.  Coffee and light refreshments will be provided.  When you arrive, please pick up your bag of meet materials at the top entrance so you can stick it in your car before heading down the hill to the meeting.  If you ordered B meet ribbons, you will pick those up here as well.  They are 10 cents each, and can be paid for by check made out to NVSL Dive.  Cash is ok, but please have exact change.  


    All dive reps should make every effort to attend this important meeting.  If you cannot attend, please send someone from your pool to pick up your bag of dive meet essentials.  You will need everything in this bag to host a meet.


    I’m attaching a link here to some materials that will be helpful to review before the meeting:  



    There is an agenda, the minutes from the last meeting, the referee expiring certification list, score reporting instructions, flyers for the Wally Martin and All-Star meets, and both the participant and team rep insurance waivers.  Please review the minutes before the meeting so we can vote on their approval shortly after we begin.


    We’ll keep the meeting portion fairly brief so we can start the clinics by 9:45.  Please encourage folks from your teams to attend these clinics.  If you are a new team rep or you have a new meet secretary, the table worker clinic is for you!  You will leave much less stressed, knowing how to run a meet and report the scores.  If you need more judges on your team, ask some team parents to attend the judging clinic.  It’s really thorough and includes lots of practice scoring actual divers.  Your newbie judges will gain the confidence they need to help you at those A meets.  These clinics will ensure that your volunteers are trained and ready before the dual meets begin. 

  • 2019 Scholarship Application

    Tue, 5-7-2019 | Thomas Joyce

    The 2019 NVSL Scholarship instructions and application has been posted to the document repository, or can be found here. The deadline for submission is June 28.

  • Team Rep Meeting

    Tue, 2-26-2019 | Lynn Clark

    Hello Team Reps,

    Our meeting is this Sunday, 3/3 from 1pm-3pm at the Arlington Central Library (1015 N. Quincy St.). We will be meeting in the Donnellan Auditorium, which is to your right as you enter the first set of doors from the back entrance. I recommend parking in the back parking lot (enter from 10th St.) for easiest access. The library opens at 1, so you will not be able to get in any earlier than that.

    We have a lot to cover at this meeting, including proposed rule changes. We hope to have every team represented as we vote on these. Teams will also be receiving their dues and insurance assessments and reviewing insurance requirements for the upcoming season. The agenda and handouts for our meeting can be found at this link:


    See you all Sunday,


  • 2018 Season by the Numbers

    Thu, 11-1-2018 | Thomas Joyce

    We are pleased to present this year's "By The Numbers" report, which provides an interesting look at the numbers behind the season we just completed.

    You can find it here: https://dive.mynvsl.com/file/30686/NVSL_Dive___by_the_numbers_2018_pdf

  • All Star Results

    Mon, 8-6-2018 | Thomas Joyce

    The clear (but hot) weather held out long enough for us to get the All-Stars meet in. Many thanks to Oakton for running a top-notch event.

    Full results can be found here:


    Until next year...

  • Divisionals Sunday

    Sat, 7-28-2018 | Thomas Joyce

    The Division Championship Meets are taking place Sunday throughout the region, where over 350 divers a seeking a spot in the All Star meet!

    Track the scores here. You can find each division's scoreboard using the tabs at the bottom

    Divisionals Scoreboard -  7/28/2018

  • Week 5 Scoreboard

    Mon, 7-23-2018 | Thomas Joyce

    Good luck to all teams as we head into our final week of dual meets! Here is the link to the Week 5 scoreboard.

    Week 5 - July 24 2018

    The results from the previous weeks can be found here:

    6/26/2018 https://goo.gl/Q98qtQ
    7/3/2018 https://goo.gl/T6Y3i9
    7/10/2018 https://goo.gl/bxfPVd
    7/17/2018 https://goo.gl/o5Vc1n
    7/24/2018 https://goo.gl/Qkcdt5
    WM Synchro https://goo.gl/4HKbDN
    Divisionals https://goo.gl/EoUiNP

    Divisionals: https://goo.gl/EoUiNP

  • Crackerjack Results

    Sat, 7-21-2018 | Thomas Joyce

    Here is the link to the results of Sunday's Crackerjack meet.

    Crackerjack Results 7/22

  • Crackerjack Timeline and Volunteer Schedule

    Thu, 7-19-2018 | Arlene Pripeton

    In the link below, you can find the estimated timeline for Crackerjack and the assignments for judges and tableworkers.  If you volunteered to work and are not on the list, please stop by the tables whenever you are available to see if someone did not show up and if we need additional help.  With the potential weather, we need this meet to run fast and smoothly.  Please have your divers and workers there well before the estimated times because a lot of divers don't show up (especially in this weather), and the meet will probably run early.   Please be sure to let all your judges and table workers know when they are assigned and try to find replacements if someone cannot make their assigned time.  We do our best to assign people when they ask, but everyone wants early in the morning and no one wants later in the afternoon.  See everyone on Sunday!


  • Week 4 Scoreboard

    Tue, 7-17-2018 | Thomas Joyce

    Week 4 is here already, let's hope the weather cooperates as we head into the home stretch.

    Week 4 Scoreboard - July 17

    The results from the previous weeks can be found here:

    Week 1 - June 26
    Week 2 - July 3
    Week 3 - July 10

  • Wally Martin Results

    Sun, 7-15-2018 | Thomas Joyce

    What an amazing turnout for Wally Martin this year! We had 104 3 Meter competitors and 47 Synchro teams!

    See the links below for today's results:

    3 Meter Event

    1M Synchro Event

  • Wally Martin Update

    Sat, 7-14-2018 | Lynn Clark

    I know many of you have been waiting for the official estimated timeline for tomorrow.  At long last, here it is.

    Wally Martin Timeline

    Please advise your divers to be at Oak Marr at least a half hour before their warm-up starts, so they have time to register and make any needed changes to their sheets.  We will try to have the NVSL Dive twitter updated periodically so that you all can follow the progress of the meet.  This timeline is only an estimate, and things may move slower or faster.

    I am aware that there were problems with Junior 3M online dive sheets.  Unfortunately, I didn’t find out until 20 minutes before registration closed that the software was not allowing jumps and entries per our new rules.  I was assured these changes had been made, but they were not.  I apologize for the frustration.  It's now fixed, so we’ll be able to take changes at check-in tomorrow.  If you would like to email me your changes today, I’ll try to get as many of them in as possible.  Please emphasize to your divers that they really do need to check the dives that are entered for them when they check in on deck. 

    Hospitality at this event will be provided for officials only, since they will be there all day, and we have limited funds for refreshments. So please make sure your coaches know to bring food or make other arrangements to eat.  Oak Marr does have a smoothie bar upstairs, which I am told will be open starting at 9 a.m. 

    Good luck to all your divers, especially those trying these events for the first time! 

    See you tomorrow

  • Week 3 Scoreboard

    Mon, 7-9-2018 | Thomas Joyce

    The week 3 scoreboard is up. Good luck to all.

    Week 3 Scoreboard - July 10

    The results from the previous weeks can be found here:

    Week 1 - June 26
    Week 2 - July 3

  • Wally Martin Meet

    Thu, 7-5-2018 | Lynn Clark

    It’s time to get ready for the Wally Martin 3-Meter and Synchro meet on July 15 at Oak Marr!  In hopes of encouraging more participation, there have been some rule changes for the Junior events.  Juniors may now do entries (fall-offs) and jumps on 3M.  Please refer to the ruleset under "Documents" in the folder "NVSL Dive Championship Meet Information".

    Read More

  • Week 2 Scoreboard

    Tue, 7-3-2018 | Thomas Joyce

    Week 2 is upon us already. The links for the results of both weeks 1 and 2 can be found here:

    Week 2 - July 3

    Week 1 - June 26

    The results for previous weeks (Week 1) are final, don't foget that there are tabs along the bottom where you can view the detailed results for each division.

    The results for the current week (Week 2) can be viewed in real-time as they are entered Tuesday night, and are typically finalized sometime Wednesday morning. Once they are finalized, the team scores will be added to the Schedule/Results tab, but indivual scores will only be available in the links here.

    Good luck!

  • Week One is here!

    Mon, 6-25-2018 | Vanessa Flory

    We hope that everyone is excited for the first A Meet of the 2018 season. Right now the weather looks good for Tuesday evening!

    The dive meet sheets that were handed out at the meeting have caused a little confusion. The first dive must be a forward dive or front fall in. The forward dive may be performed in straight, pike, or tuck (designated by A,B,C or S,P,T). The front fall in does not have a position attributed to it.

    We have uploaded a new dive meet sheet to the documents section of the NVSL website, https://dive.mynvsl.com/documents, under number 5, "Dive Officials Information & Meet Support Materials".  This meet sheet should make it easy for announcers. You may use the tablets provided or print out the new sheet.

    We have also posted an electronic fillable meet sheet. When a dive number is typed the sheet will populate the dive description and DD. This is another option available for you to use.

    Good luck on week 1!

    Read More

  • Week 1 Scoreboard

    Mon, 6-25-2018 | Thomas Joyce

    Just like last year, you will be able to see the results as they are entered in real time by the team representatives. Note that scores are not finalized until they have been reviewed by both team reps, the division coordinator and other league officials. Once official, the status will change to "Finalized" and the team scores will be carried into the standings table.

    Week 1 Live Scoreboard
    Read More

  • Spring Update

    Wed, 5-23-2018 | Thomas Joyce

    The weather is heating up and the season is nearly upon us. We have some spring reminders and updates for all teams.

    Coaches Clinics
    Please let your coaches know that there are two coaches’ clinics being offered for the 2018 NVSL Diving season. The first clinic, given by NVSL Diving, is being held at 4 PM on June 2nd at Arlington Forest pool. It’s important for your coaches to attend to get up to date information on safety, insurance, rules, working with League officials, and the operation of the League. This clinic is geared to both experienced and newer dive coaches.  This clinic is free of charge.

    The second clinic is being offered by Stephanie Sutton, the head of Dominion Dive Club and renowned US Diving national level professional coach from 11:30 AM to 1 PM on Saturday June 16th at Oak Marr pool.  This clinic will instruct on the elements of dive coaching from the perspective of summer league programs. This program is geared to our newer and lesser experienced coaches in NVSL Diving.  There is a fee associated with this clinic.  Pls see the flyer here for more information. THIS CLINIC IS NOW FULL

    These clinics are NOT interchangeable. The first clinic is an NVSL Diving orientation clinic and the second an opportunity for learning basic coaching skills from a professional dive coach.

    Meetings and Clinics on June 10.
    Don't forget that there are lots of important events on June 10, starting with a team rep meeting at 8:30 AM, followed by a judging clinic and a table worker clinic at 9:45 AM. All events at Sideburn Run.

    New Three Meter Rule Set
    In order to help make the Three Meter Meet more accessible, the EXCOM has approved rule changes to allow skills to be performed by Junior divers. The new rules can be found here.Read More

  • The rule change proposal votes are in.

    Wed, 3-14-2018 | Thomas Joyce

    - Yes on I. Age limit for upper range of eligibility (29/10/1)
    - No on II. Requirement to submit diver rosters (21/17/2) (needed at least 27 of 40 votes to meet 2/3 majority)
    - Yes on III. 3-meter meet treated as a stand alone meet with own rule set (38/0/2)
    - Yes on IV. A. Clarification of dive sheet entries (35/5/0)
    - No on IV. B. Disallow use of A/B/C/D position nomenclature; penalize diver if used (5/34/1)
    - Yes on V. Clarify applicability of 3, 5, and 7 person panel use (36/3/1)
    - No on VI. Use 5 vice 3 judge scores for a 7-judge panel (5/31/4)
    - No on VII. Mandatory dive sheet submission 45 min before meet start or diver penalized by DQ (2/38/0)
    - Yes on VIII. Assignment of an arbiter for makeup meets (38/2/0)
    - No on IX. Mandatory deadlines for All-Star, Wally Martin, Division dive sheet submissions (9/30/1)

    Remember: Adopting a new rule requires a two-thirds (66.7%) favorable vote of the Team Reps present and voting. The submitted Rule Change Proposals can be found here.

  • 2018 Spring Dive Rep Meeting

    Sat, 3-3-2018 | Thomas Joyce

    2018 NVSL DIVING
    Spring Team Rep Meeting
    Sunday March 3 2018
    12:00pm Pohick Regional Library


    Read More

  • NVSL Diving Meet Results

    Wed, 7-19-2017 | Kate Walter

    Beginning with our fourth dual meet on Tuesday July 18, we will be showing meet results as they are entered by team reps.  Please note that the scores are not final until they have been reviewed by both team reps and the divison corrdinator.  After those reviews are complete, an NVSL diving EXCOM member changes the status to "finalized" and the scores will be carried over to the standings table.

    After a meet score has been finalized, if you have questions or concerns about a specific diver entry please contact your team rep to resolve the issue.  If your team rep cannot handle the request, s/he will escalate as appropriate.  Thanks!

    Week 1 Results          Week 2 Results        Week 3 Results          Week 4 Results         Week 5 Results

    Wally Martin 3-Meter Results        Wally Martin Synchro Results 

    Cracker Jack Results

    Divisional Meets Results

    All Stars Meet Results