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  • The rule change proposal votes are in.

    Wed, 3-14-2018 | Thomas Joyce

    - Yes on I. Age limit for upper range of eligibility (29/10/1)
    - No on II. Requirement to submit diver rosters (21/17/2) (needed at least 27 of 40 votes to meet 2/3 majority)
    - Yes on III. 3-meter meet treated as a stand alone meet with own rule set (38/0/2)
    - Yes on IV. A. Clarification of dive sheet entries (35/5/0)
    - No on IV. B. Disallow use of A/B/C/D position nomenclature; penalize diver if used (5/34/1)
    - Yes on V. Clarify applicability of 3, 5, and 7 person panel use (36/3/1)
    - No on VI. Use 5 vice 3 judge scores for a 7-judge panel (5/31/4)
    - No on VII. Mandatory dive sheet submission 45 min before meet start or diver penalized by DQ (2/38/0)
    - Yes on VIII. Assignment of an arbiter for makeup meets (38/2/0)
    - No on IX. Mandatory deadlines for All-Star, Wally Martin, Division dive sheet submissions (9/30/1)

    Remember: Adopting a new rule requires a two-thirds (66.7%) favorable vote of the Team Reps present and voting. The submitted Rule Change Proposals can be found here.

  • 2018 Spring Dive Rep Meeting

    Sat, 3-3-2018 | Thomas Joyce

    2018 NVSL DIVING
    Spring Team Rep Meeting
    Sunday March 3 2018
    12:00pm Pohick Regional Library


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  • NVSL Diving Meet Results

    Wed, 7-19-2017 | Kate Walter

    Beginning with our fourth dual meet on Tuesday July 18, we will be showing meet results as they are entered by team reps.  Please note that the scores are not final until they have been reviewed by both team reps and the divison corrdinator.  After those reviews are complete, an NVSL diving EXCOM member changes the status to "finalized" and the scores will be carried over to the standings table.

    After a meet score has been finalized, if you have questions or concerns about a specific diver entry please contact your team rep to resolve the issue.  If your team rep cannot handle the request, s/he will escalate as appropriate.  Thanks!

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