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  • Seeding Committee Updates

    Fri, 3-31-2023 | Jim Sweeder

    NVSL Dive Parents and Supporters,

    I am writing this note to thank the past members of the NVSL Dive Seeding Committee for their service and to welcome the new members into the NVSL Dive Seeding Committee.  Thank you, Julie Fowler (WG), Peggy DiScipio (FC), and Leddyanne Dell (W) for your dedication and service to the committee over the past years.  You have contributed immensely to the growth of diving in this area and the ability of our divers to compete equitably during their summer competition.  This has significantly advanced our primary NVSL goals – to develop a love for the sport, advanced aquatic skills, teamwork, and the principles of good sportsmanship and has also allowed our athletes to grow as valuable members of our community.

    We are excited to add three new members to our committee this year.  Welcome, Megan Burski-Wells (CCC), Joel Waterfield (G), and Rachel Paci (VW) to the NVSL Dive Seeding Committee and thank you for volunteering.  Your experience and judgment will afford the league competitive seasons in the years to come.

    I encourage the rest of you to get involved in the NVSL diving community to ensure its viability and growth.

    Jim Sweeder

    NVS Dive Seeding Committee Chair


    Wed, 3-8-2023 | Nancy Steffen

    The 2023 NVSL Scholarship application is now available here: https://dive.mynvsl.com/file/35704/2023___Scholarship_pdf

    Every graduating senior is strongly urged to apply. The scholarships will be given to the top five candidates. Each Award for 2023 will be $1,500. The awards are: the President’s Scholarship, the Community Service Scholarship, the Spirit Scholarship, the Sportsmanship Scholarship, and the Excellence in Technique Scholarship. Please see the following page for information on each.

    A diver’s commitment and leadership to the team, especially helping others, school and community involvement, recommendation letters, and a well-written essay are very important factors in determining who receives the scholarships. A diver does not need to continue diving in college to be eligible for the scholarship. Grades and test scores are not considered.

    This year, an applicant can choose one of three essay topics, which are listed on the application form instructions. Up to three letters of recommendation prepared by someone who knows the diver are also required. I strongly encourage letters be written from the coaches, team representatives, teachers and/or school counselor. Start early!

    The application submission  deadline is Friday, June 23, 2023,6:00 p.m. to our chairperson, Lynn Clark. Please take time to have a nice and neat presentation. Start working on the application as soon as possible. You must follow the application format. E-mail applications to: nvslscholarship@gmail.com. Use subject line: “NVSL Scholarship Application”. Please verify receipt of your application.

    All winners, their team reps, and other applicants will be notified by July 14, 2023. All winners will be posted on the NVSL website.                                   

    We would like to see many applications from graduating members of the NVSL Diving. So far, thirty (30) divers have received NVSL scholarships. As divers comprise only about 10% of the NVSL, we want to be well-represented among the award recipients. This will be our 33rd year awarding NVSL scholarships!

    If you would like clarification or have questions, please give me a call at 703-938-4611, cell 202-359-1603 or e-mail me at FachSteffen@yahoo.com.

     Good Luck!

  • 2022 NVSL Dive by the Numbers

    Sun, 8-28-2022 | Jim Sweeder

    Below is the link to the summary of the 2022 NVSL Dive Season -- "NVSL Dive - by the numbers 2022".  Please forward to your team parents, volunteers, and supporters of NVSL Dive.  We have had a record number of divers registered this past season and our championship meets were extremely successful.  I hope this data compilation will provide the basis for even more expansion and support for the sport of diving within our communities.  Thank you all for your valuable input and continued support of NVSL Dive!


    Jim Sweeder

    Chair, NVSL Dive Seeding Committee & Chief Official

  • 2022 All Stars Info

    Sat, 7-30-2022 | Thomas Joyce

    Well, the day has finally arrived. We celebrate the end of this wonderful season with the All Star Meet.

    Good luck to all the divers. Show us all your best!

    For all the information you need use these links below:

    All Stars Program
    All Stars Results

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